• Who We Are

    Steel City Movers L.L.C. is an employee-oriented company drawing on talent and experience from across the state to bring you the finest service available in Pittsburgh. We perform local, long distance, residential, and commercial moves. We are fully insured, and licensed by the PA PUC (A-8917871) and US DOT (2842432). All our movers are W2 employees- you won't get sub-contractors or day laborers in your house come moving day! Don't need a truck? Driving your own rental truck? We do labor-only moves as well! No job is too big or too small!


  • What We Do

    When most people think about hiring a moving company, they picture a couple of guys who put all of their furniture on a truck then go home. We believe in offering our customers more! We are here to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible--customer service is our top priority. Our services begin the moment we receive your call and continue through your entire move, including:

    • Full service moving - we provide the truck and drivers!
    • Labor only moving - you provide the truck and drivers, we provide the muscle!
    • Packing & unpacking - we provide the packing materials & labor!
    • Piano/Heavy Item Moving Service- got an item over 200lbs? Not a problem!
    • Full service Long Distance Moving
    • Cleaning service ( Available upon review )



  • Our Team

    Bryan Ghingold


    Bryan founded Steel City Movers in July 2008 while a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. He quickly decided top-tier customer service at all levels of interaction was a core value of SCM. Having had many personal negative moving experiences, including losing his prized favorite stuffed animal on a move in 1994, a porcupine he called Gogol (a full four years before the famous search engine would be founded!), he set out to "remove as much stress from the moving process as we can." Bryan currently resides in Wilkinsburg, PA.

  • Ellie Czeladnicki

    Office Manager

    Ellie grew up in Brooklyn, NY, making her move to the Steel City in 2014. She began working at Steel City Movers in July 2015 as an office assistant, and soon found herself in the role of Office Manager. It is Ellie's keen eye that keeps the office running so smoothly. She is currently studying website coding, and is the co-founder of GoFigure! Custom Action Figures, the company that makes action figures of our employees!

  • Mark O'Mahony

    Office Assistant

    Mark was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and started with SCM in 2017 as Office Assistant. Mark regularly communicates with clients through email and over the phone; answering questions, providing estimates, and booking moving reservations. When he's not working "front of house",  Mark works on various administrative activities behind the scenes, such as helping SCM remain a "paperless office." When not at work, Mark enjoys golfing, biking, and exercise.


  • Featured Move Crew

    Anthony Turner

    Team Leader/Driver/Mover

    Tony started with Steel City Movers in 2014. He started off moving for another company in Pittsburgh, and came to SCM after he spotted a help wanted ad online. Though he grew up in the Steel City, don’t think Tony roots for the Steelers... He’ll never miss an opportunity to trash talk the Pittsburgh sports teams to anyone who will listen! On the job, you’ll never find Tony far from the stretch wrap and furniture pads- as a member of SCM’s Safety Committee, Tony knows the value in keeping the crew safe as well as the client’s possessions. When he’s not moving, Tony enjoys playing video games, spending time with his mom, and spending time with his son. 

  • James Davis

    Team Leader/Mover

    James has been a Steel City Mover since July 2015. As a member of the SCM Safety Committee, James always has an eye out for crew safety, and is one of the most helpful voices at SCM when it comes to recommending processes and equipment that would make moving safer. When he's out in the field, customer service is his brightest torch, right after safety. James's advice to new movers: "Sometimes when clients are stressed because let's face it- moving is stressful, all it takes is for you to put a smile on and be polite... maybe crack a joke or two, and you can really help put them at ease."

  • Marshall Cotton

    Team Leader/Mover

    Marshall Cotton has worked for Steel City Movers since March of 2016. He quickly ascended to the position of Team Leader for his leadership skills and critical problem solving. Endearingly called "Little Shoulders" by the rest of the crew for his prowess at carrying heavy boxes, Marshall is known for working long grueling days with a smile on his face and genuine concern for his clients and their possessions. Marshall grew up in Pittsburgh and graduated from Taylor Allderdice High School in Squirrel Hill and currently resides in Swissvale.

  • Gilbert Gray


    Starting in April 2016, Gilly donned the black and gold uniform of Steel City Movers. Beforehand, he worked for another local moving company, but left to join our team on the recommendation of a former co-worker. Clients are most impressed with Gilly's speed, stamina, and hidden strength. Most clients assume movers would look like bodybuilders, and are sometimes taken by surprise when their crew shows up looking leaner than they expected. They quickly recognize, as Gilly demonstrates, that moving is more about cardio and stamina, and the leaner quicker movers have an advantage over the buff beefcakes in the industry. Gilly's charm is almost as impressive as his moving prowess, as he truly embodies the giving helpful attitude clients can expect from Steel City Movers. He currently resides in North Versailles with his daughter. 

  • Justin Niespodzianski


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  • Need a nod in the right direction?

    In our years of experience working in Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities, we have cultivated strong business relationships with a diverse array of local businesses. If you are having trouble finding anything for your move, from truck rentals and self-storage options, to a good pizza joint that delivers past midnight, give us a call! We will work hard to help you find whatever you're looking for!

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